My name? : Riccardo.
It’s been over ten years that my job is purely in the search for Companies wishing to invest abroad in their production or services; I also look for companies that want to advertise their products or services with any means of communication (web, sponsorships, web tv, radio, nightclubs, cinema etc …) and in search of products and raw materials for Italian and foreign companies.
Besides this I organize also cultural events, competitions and fashion shows, conferences and art exhibitions, at important locations on Rome.
For more than six years I have been working for a Brazilian Company and for 3 months by an Italian Company for business consultancy to Italian companies wishing to invest in Brazil, Colombia, Panama and the Balkan Countries (Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia , Montenegro, Croatia).

                                                                                                                A bit of the past:

On October 12, 2013, I had a meeting with the Mayor of Gjakova (Kosovo) city to know the country’s economic growth needs and look for investors and Italian entrepreneurs wishing to open up their business on the territory for Kosovo’s development.
I participated in the following seminars at the faculty of Economics, University of Tor Vergata, ROME, for the presentation of a project for the establishment of a service holding with innovative technologies for SMEs and the PA.
• April 10, 2005 – “Legal Aspects Concerning the Establishment of an Enterprise”
• May 11, 2005 – “Organizational aspects of a start-up company”
• June 15, 2005 – “Marketing Strategies for Launching a Product or Service” segmentation and competitive positioning.
• July 06, 2005 “A Business Plan Preparation Guide”.
• July 13, 2005 – “Business Plan Preparation: E2BLab Standards”
• November 24, 2005 – “Analysis of the various forms of financing on the territory and evaluation criteria”.
• January 16, 2006 – “How to Get Price for Products / Services”.
• June 15, 2006 – I presented, at the Faculty of Economics – University of Tor Vergata, ROMA, a project for the realization of a HOLDING of technologically advanced services to companies and the Public Administration for Energy Saving. (Renewable Clean Energy, Domotic, E-Learning).
I have organized and set up over seven art exhibitions (painting and sculpture) at the Italian Armed Forces Circle in Palazzo Barberini, Rome.
For three years I worked as an electrician and stage editor for theater companies and as a film maker.
For over 20 years I have worked as an electronic repair technician for Audio / Video products for major multinational companies.
I’m a graduate in Electronics and Computing specializing in telecommunications, with excellent knowledge of the entire Microsoft package: Office2003, 2007, 2010 (Word, Access, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Front Page).
Very good knowledge of operating systems: Win XP, Win2000, Win Vista, win 8, 8.1, 10.
They also have good knowledge in the configuration and problem solving of these operating systems.
What else to say? We would like two more pages to get into the details, but …… .. I can say that in my work I put seriousness, consistency and professionalism … .. Many appreciate me for sympathy and for the sober and eloquent language beyond the serious commitment in my work .
                                                                                   Contact me with Confidence. Riccardo